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30 May 2015 08:00

Etihad Airways is hosting a week-long anti-smoking campaign among its UAE-based workforce to coincide with World No Tobacco Day which takes place tomorrow (Sunday 31 May). 

The campaign activities, which will be run throughout the airline’s Abu Dhabi offices and accommodation buildings, aim to reduce the number of smokers within the business by providing education, tools and support to those who are willing to quit. 

The campaign includes carbon monoxide testing for staff as well as the visit of experts who will support employees who are keen to give-up tobacco and tobacco related products. 

The visiting specialists include respiratory and oral health physicians, psychologists, pulmonologists, oncologists who will offer alternative therapy programs, detox plans and quitting aid samples. 

Other activities include an all staff walkathon in support of employees who wish to quit, ex-smoker support programs and carbon monoxide reduction competitions. 

Dr Nadia Bastaki, Vice President of Medical Services at Etihad Airways said: “The drive to support people to quit smoking is a key focus for the Etihad Airways wellness team. 

“Smoking is a known cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease, skin disorders, dental issues and accelerated ageing among many other illnesses and it is our duty as medical professionals to provide willing employees with the support to stop smoking for good.” 

The anti-smoking campaign is one of many initiated by the Etihad Airways Medical Centre. Earlier this year the team hosted a general health wellness day at their Abu Dhabi Headquarters for employees and their families. Other initiatives include the introduction last year of a staff ambulance service and travel clinic for those travelling for work purposes and several free fitness facilities across Abu Dhabi. 

Abu Dhabi based employees also have access to world-class medical care at the Etihad Airways Medical Centre, including full laboratory services, physiotherapy, radiology, dental, nutrition counseling, ear, nose, throat (ENT) services, primary care, and aviation health services. 

The centre, which is regulated by Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), was awarded the ‘Clinic of the Year 2013’ by GCAA in recognition of its status as one the leading aero-medical centres in the UAE. It is located at Etihad Plaza and staffed by 30 medical experts, including 10 fully-qualified doctors.


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