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Creating new customer choice

Etihad Airways works collaboratively to create new customer choice.

Our codeshare partner strategy has increased our network offer around the world.

Our strategy of minority equity investments in strategically important markets has allowed us to extend that offer further and deeper.

Against the might of the global alliances, we are tiny.  But with our partners, we are trying to offer travellers a competitive choice, against the 121 airlines, 12,000+ aircraft and 1.7 billion-strong customer base of the three established alliances.

Etihad Airways Partners & Codeshares

Global Alliances


Etihad Airways Partners: 8

Codeshares (including above): 49







Star Alliance: >1,300

Skyteam: >1,000

Oneworld: >1,000


>120 million

>1.7 billion

New customer choice

Midfield Terminal Complex concept art

Because we started decades after all of our major competitors, we knew we could never catch up on our own. So we have always tried to work with others.

We did approach each of the major global alliances to discuss our membership options – to find we had none. The global alliances chose not to let us join.

So we have had to create our own partnership strategy, to allow us to offer new competitive choice for customers.

That means an open approach to codesharing. We look to engage with many partners, whether they are in global alliances or not. If, together, we can create new network choices for our customers, then we will look at partnership.

Today, we have 49 codeshare partners, covering more than 400 destinations. That network is small compared to the global alliances – but it does mean we are offering an alternative to those giants.


The investment strategy driving our acquisition of minority stakes in airlines in key strategic markets has allowed us to increase that customer choice.

We have no interest in control. Our minority investments are about creating closer bonds as we work together to increase customer choice. With ‘skin in the game’, our investments see new network alignment and timetable coordination.

We work together to deliver more destinations with convenient connections for our customers.

Together, our network is small compared to the global alliances; but we do try to offer a competitive choice for travellers.