Abu Dhabi Airport disruptions

Etihad Airways will operate most of its scheduled flights today, despite serious disruptions this morning caused by the fog closure of Abu Dhabi Airport. 

Although many services were or will be delayed, the airline will move the majority of passengers affected by the fog. Of the 21 inbound flights diverted this morning to other airports, 15 were able to proceed to Abu Dhabi by midday. 

Flights also departed from Abu Dhabi to Munich, Paris, New York, Milan, Rome, Manila, Riyadh, London, Dublin, Casablanca and Kuwait, with a large group of additional flights scheduled to leave early in the afternoon. 

A small number of flights were cancelled and passengers rebooked on later Etihad Airways flights. 

Etihad Airways deployed almost 100 additional staff to Abu Dhabi Airport to assist departing and arriving guests disrupted by this morning’s heavy fog. 

Of the flights diverted to other airports, 18 were passenger aircraft and three were freighters. 

Passengers are advised to contact the Etihad Airways Contact Centre on +971 (0) 2599 0000 or visit the Etihad Airways website at www.etihad.com/flightstatus for more information on the status of flights in and out of Abu Dhabi Airport.