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    Light is one of the many ways your body knows when to sleep or wake up

Mood lighting

Mood lighting is a lighting system that merges combinations of colours to create different feelings and moods on a plane.

Lighting patterns can be used to complement the different phases of a flight – from boarding to meal service to sleeping and to pre-arrival.

Mood lighting helps provide a relaxed environment and can help with jet lag by gently transitioning the light of the aircraft to reflect the destination and time of the day. Our inflight crew are trained to set the cabin lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for every moment of your flying experience.

Whether you’re dining or getting ready for some well-deserved sleep, we make sure you enjoy a relaxing or dynamic environment with your comfort in mind. 

Personalise your environment

Take full control of your own First Class Suite to suit your own schedule and needs.

Enjoy a fully-customised lighting environment with a variety of adjustable settings for any activity including reading, sleeping and eating. Adapt your surroundings to your natural cycle and sleep regardless of time zones and neighbours. 

Pick a sense:

Touch Nothing impacts your comfort more than your sense of touch. And when it comes to sleep, everything from the softness of the mattress to the texture of the sheets will determine how fast you arrive at your ‘dream’ destination.

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Sound Sounds and noises are often the reason you wake up from a peaceful slumber. Falling and staying asleep is easier when you can keep ambient noises under control and sound levels minimised.

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Scents inspire feelings of relaxation and have the power to take us to places beyond our imagination. With the right aromas infused in the air, sleep is elevated to blissful new heights.

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Not much can compare to the blissful relaxation felt after savouring a five-star gourmet meal. Except maybe enjoying a hot drink just before bedtime. After all, sleep is best enjoyed after treating your taste buds to something delicious.

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