How to modify your booking

We understand that sometimes plans change or emergency arises, so we give you the flexibility to modify your bookings. Changes on your booking can be made for free prior to confirming your reservation.

Upon confirmation of your reservation, changes are allowed through the following methods with applicable taxes, fees and charges:

Cancellation of bookings can only be made through our Global Contact Centre or local Etihad offices.

Global Service Fees

 Our Contact Centres and local Etihad offices charge a global service fee for new bookings, ticket changes and refund administration.

The following price ranges are applicable per ticket:
Amount (USD) Global Service Fee
Starting from USD 10 Booking fee
Starting from USD 20 Change fee
Starting from USD 10 Refund fee
Starting from USD 10 No-show fee

Important notes

  • All reservations, including modifications and cancellations, are subject to Terms and Conditions, Customer Care Policy, General Conditions of Carriage and applicable taxes, fees and charges (including but not limited to fare rules of the ticket and Guest Service Fee).
  • For any changes made in your full and/or partially-used booking, fare rules from the most restricted Fare Choices will apply.
  • Fees for booking changes are non-refundable.