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New York City FC partnership

New York City Football Club jerseys

Etihad Airways was announced as the Principal Partners of New York City FC on 13th November 2014.

As part of the 5 year agreement, the Etihad brand will feature on the playing jerseys of the club during matches in the MLS and the airline will receive a host of other great benefits and experiences.

Soccer continues to experience a boom in the USA and Canada and Etihad are delighted to deepen our relationship with the game there – building on our MLS partnership.

James Hogan said: “Etihad Airways has a strong affinity with New York as it was the airline’s first US destination to be launched in 2006. We are delighted to be able to further strengthen our ties with the city through this partnership with New York City Football Club."

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Melbourne City Football Club

Melbourne City Football Club team

Etihad Airways is the new lead sponsor of Melbourne City Football Club, providing great benefits to the club and its fans 

Our brand will be on the front of Melbourne City FC shirts and will be seen by thousands of fans across Australia and New Zealand. 

Soccer and the A-League continue to grow in popularity in Australia and the partnership sees a further expansion of our global sports portfolio. 

“Etihad Airways has a strong connection with Melbourne, home to Australia’s Etihad Stadium and a city we fly to daily, and this deal with Melbourne City Football Club reinforces our commitment to the city and state of Victoria.”  - James Hogan, President and CEO of Etihad Airways

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Manchester City Football Club

Manchester City Football Club logo

Etihad Airways has been Manchester City Football Club’s main club partner since May, 2009.

During that time the club has enjoyed considerable success with an FA Cup win in 2011 and the Barclays Premier League victory in season 2011 - 2012.

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Al Ain Football Club

Al Ain Football Club logo

The partnership will see Etihad Airways and Al Ain Football Club working together on a number of key initiatives.

These include the provision of club flights to AFC Champions League fixtures around the region as well as promotions for club management, players and supporters.

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Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer logo

The MLS partnership will enable Etihad Airways to continue to build its brand in the US and Canada, and offers an ideal platform to interact with the millions of sports fans and communities across the country.

Etihad Airways and MLS will work together on a number of activations and initiatives including community programs, as well as hosting competitions and promotions for flights and holidays with MLS fans.

Etihad Stadium - Australia

Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia

Opened in 2000, its central location also means easy access for fans traveling by public transport, taxi or private car, be they Concert goers or Australian Rules Football, Soccer, Rugby, or Cricket fans.

Etihad Stadium branding features on giant landmark signs on the outside of the building and on all directional, scoreboard and perimeter advertising signage throughout the interior of the Stadium.