General information

Etihad Airways accepts the carriage of falcons and guide dogs to lead the blind in the main aircraft cabin provided that all the necessary health documents and important licenses have been obtained.

Any other animals must travel as cargo and are not permitted within the aircraft cabin or checked baggage.

• Falcons are accepted in the cabin also.
• Guide dogs to lead the blind are permitted in the aircraft cabin for flights from Abu Dhabi to USA and vice versa only provided necessary documents are provided. However they may only be accepted as checked baggage free of charge. (Please contact local Etihad Airways office for detailed information).

Country restrictions

For countries known to prohibit the import / export of animals and birds as checked baggage, please refer to the Embassy concerned.

All animals and birds should travel as manifested cargo via countries that do not allow the importation of animals as checked baggage.

Guests must be informed that these animals must be cleared at the cargo terminal upon arrival where they will be examined by local veterinarian after producing the relevant import and health certificates.

Important documentaion

Important documentaion

The guest is responsible for providing all the applicable health documents, declarations and permits as required by governmental regulations of the country to which the pet is to be carried.

Conditions of acceptance

Conditions of acceptance

Pets are acceptable only as manifested cargo, except falcons and guide dogs to lead the blind.

Pets are not accepted on transit flights through Abu Dhabi.

Sporting equipment

Below equipment are accepted as checked baggage and charged with applicable excess baggage rate if in excess of the free baggage allowance.
Checked baggage

• Snow Skiing Equipment 
• Paddle Skis 
• Hiking Equipment 
• Wind Surfer 
• Wind Surfer Kites 
• Surfing Kites 
• Surfing Equipment 
• Bicycle

• Scuba Equipment - 1 set of scuba diving equipment is permitted free of charge weighing up to 15kg (except for journeys to/from  USA , Canada & Brazil)

Checked baggage

• Fishing Equipment
• Bowling Equipment
• Saddles
• Archery Equipment
• Backpacks
• Boogie Boards
• Shooting Equipment (Sporting Firearms) subject to Security Clearance
• Hunting Rifles subject to Security Clearance
• Snow-Boarding Equipment

• Golfing Equipment - 1 set of golf clubs is permitted free of charge weighing up to 15kg (contact EY office for special excess baggage rates) (except for journeys to/from  USA , Canada & Brazil)

Below equipment are only accepted as cargo due to handling difficulties.
Equipment as cargo
• Canoes
• Vaulting Poles
• Kayaks
For cameras, film, lighting and sound equipment charge applicable excess baggage rate if in excess of checked baggage allowance. Prior arrangement with station of departure is preferable due to its bulky nature.
Film equipment
Film equipment
Musical instruments must be transported as checked baggage only. If in excess of checked baggage allowance, you will be charged the applicable excess baggage rate. For guests who wish to carry their musical instruments along with them in the cabin, an extra seat can be purchased.
Musical instruments
Musical instruments

Wheelchair and assisting devices


Guests requiring a wheelchair or other assisting devices may carry one wheelchair and/or other assisting devices free of charge.

Etihad Cargo contact details

Etihad Cargo contact details

24/7 Customer Service
Toll Free (from within the UAE): 800 25 35
24/7 Customer Service line (internationally): +971 2 5990099
Customer Service email: