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Morocco Holidays

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Morocco – North Africa’s dynamic wonder

Morocco holidays provide a feast for the senses – from spellbinding souks abundant with colour, energetic street theatre in bustling city squares and bowlfuls of mouthwatering, aromatic cuisine.

A diverse destination, Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and links to the Sahara Desert offer the natural opportunity for active holidays, while the beautifully bustling Marrakesh and Fez welcome city break lovers. 

The Atlantic Ocean is on the doorstep of the country’s west coast, where stunning beachside resorts such as Agadir and Essaouira are waiting to welcome you with sunshine and smiles.

Holidays in Morocco can be whatever you wish – whether you’re searching for a culture trip through marvellous medinas or an extravagant stay perfect for a romantic getaway.

Morocco holiday packages with Etihad can ensure you experience this North African wonder in style.

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Things to do in Morocco

Thanks to the country’s diverse offering of beautiful beaches, mesmerising Medinas and so much more, a holiday to Morocco suits lovers of comfort, active adventures and city breaks alike. 

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Marvel at Morocco’s natural wonders

When it comes to outdoor adventures, holidays in Morocco are unrivalled. This North African country is blessed with being hugged by the iconic Sahara Desert to its east and being lapped by the Atlantic Ocean to its west. Morocco is also a proud home to the Rif Mountains and the highest range in North Africa – the Atlas Mountains. For more than 620 miles (1,000 kilometres), it dominates the country’s landscape, meeting wonderful waterfalls, canyons and villages along the way. 

Where to stay in Morocco

Architectural adventures

Casablanca is an incredible place to stay for a cultural city break in Morocco. The itinerary begins from the Hassan II Mosque, which can host more than 100,000 worshippers and has a 213-metre-tall minaret. Unsurprisingly, these features make it the most famous landmark in the city. Place Mohammed V square is home to the Courts of Justice and the Grand Théâtre de Casablanca – another key destination.

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Couple’s beach break

Morocco’s luxury coastal resort, Agadir, is the place to be for couples looking for a relaxing beach holiday – or even a romantic honeymoon getaway. Find a lounger, kick back, relax and listen to the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, before cooling off in its glittering waters. Once you’re recharged, the area has a gorgeous marina and a variety of water sports activities to try.

City sights and sounds

Marrakesh might not be the first place you’d think of for a family holiday in Morocco – but adults and children alike both adore this city break destination. Marrakesh is full of colour, magic, great weather and food to suit all tastebuds. The Djemaa el Fna street theatre in the early evening features acrobats, magicians and snake charmers for the ultimate source of entertainment. 

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All you need to know about Morocco

Languages spoken

Morocco has two official languages – Arabic and Amazigh, or Berber. Visitors will also hear many locals across the nation speaking French and Spanish.

Getting around

Public transport in Morocco is extensive, with a network of trams in both Rabat and Casablanca and comprehensive bus and rail routes serving most of the country.

Local currency

When you arrive for your holiday in Morocco, you’ll need to exchange your money into dirham (MAD) – it’s a closed currency, so this can only be done in Morocco.

Peak times

The most popular times of year for Morocco holidays are usually spring and autumn thanks to comfortable temperatures across this part of North Africa.

More about Morocco


A holiday to Morocco is a tantalising treat for food lovers. The country’s diversity is mirrored in its cuisine with diverse dishes drawing inspiration from Berber, Arabic, Jewish and French influences. 

Think flavour-filled aromatic food jewelled with juicy fruit and subtle spices. Sample chicken tagine served in its traditional clay pot, order couscous with meaty stew and vegetables, try a slice of pigeon pie and enjoy a hot bowlful of harira soup.

A visit to a street cafe is also essential. Get comfortable, sip from a steaming mug of mint tea, indulge in sweets – don’t forget the ghoriba cookies with tea – and observe the buzz of colourful Moroccan life.

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An amalgamation of Berber, Arabic and Jewish influences produce Morocco’s distinctive and colourful cultural heritage – this history creates an allure like no other. 

The past is both perfectly preserved and thriving across the country in its architecture and traditions. Wander through wondrous walled medinas, admire amazing former palaces and haggle at Moroccan souks in Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat and Essaouira. 

Taroudant is just an hour and a half east of Agadir in the Sous Valley, which is an atmospheric and traditional Berber city. Immerse yourself in Berber culture, admire earth-built houses and kasbahs and buy beautiful handmade crafts. 

Public holidays

As Morocco is largely a Muslim country it observes the calendar of Islamic festivals each year, along with a collection of national holidays which celebrate the country’s independence.

Key dates include the end of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, plus Eid al-Adha, which is the Feast of Sacrifice, and Fatih Muharram which is the Islamic New Year. During Eid al-Fitr, Moroccans engage in celebrations with family, which includes cooking and sharing traditional food such as harira and honey cake. 

Other public holidays include the Independence Manifesto in January, Labour Day, which falls in May, and November’s Independence Day commemoration.

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Why we love Morocco

"Morocco offers beachside bliss in Agadir and Essaouira, the natural beauty of the High Atlas, city break vibrance when you visit the souks of Marrakesh and Fez, and the incredible architecture of Casablanca. It truly is an unforgettable destination."

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