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Kazakhstan Holidays

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Journey to captivating Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan holidays offer both shining city excitement and scenic outdoor adventures – with the nation’s attractions providing a feast for the senses. 

Travel to Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan (formerly known as Astana) and discover the spectacular skyline of one of Central Asia’s fastest-growing cities. 

Marvel at the futuristic architecture of the 300-foot Bayterek Tower, take in the sights along the serene Ishim River – and venture to the spellbinding UNESCO-listed Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve to the west. 

Start planning your holiday to Kazakhstan with Etihad today and look forward to your adventure. 

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Things to do in Kazakhstan 

kazakhstan bayterek tower

Admire the architecture 

An iconic feature of Nur-Sultan’s ever-growing skyline, the soaring Bayterek Tower is just one of Kazakhstan’s pioneering, breathtaking architectural feats. 

Offering astonishing panoramas from its observation deck high above the city, take the elevator up for spectacular views. 

Other spellbinding landmarks to visit in the capital include the gleaming pyramid structure of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation – and the innovative National Museum.

Where to stay in Kazakhstan 

The heart of the capital 

For a holiday in Kazakhstan that gets you right to the heart of the action, stay in the centre of Nur-Sultan. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect base to explore the wider area or you’re simply interested in discovering this fast-moving and youthful city, it won’t disappoint. 

The Astana Central Hotel is conveniently located for shopping and local attractions. 

kazakhstan nur sultain skyscrapers
kazakhstan cityscape and skyscrapers

A touch of class

For truly sophisticated Kazakhstan holidays, make a reservation at Nur-Sultan’s Rixos President Astana Hotel. 

This five-star destination is near the Bayterek Tower, with amenities including an indoor pool and spa.

The Radisson Hotel is another five-star pick in Nur-Sultan. It sits next to the Ishim River and boasts an incredibly stylish feel. 

kazakhstan skyline sunset

All you need to know about Kazakhstan 

Local currency 

The local currency is the Kazakhstani tenge (KZT). It’s a good idea to carry some cash for convenience, but ATMs are available and credit cards are widely accepted too.

Public holidays

National festivals and holidays in Kazakhstan include Nauryz in March, People’s Unity Day in May and Independence Day in December. 

Languages spoken 

There are two official languages of Kazakhstan – Kazakh and Russian. You’ll find that many people here will also speak some English.

Plug types

There are two plug types used across Kazakhstan, type C and type F. The voltage is 220V and 50Hz.

More about Kazakhstan

Heritage and culture

Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country. 

Historically, many of the Kazakh people were nomads – and this legacy can still be seen in the nation’s celebration of horses, traditional yurts and authentic dishes such as beshbarmak (thin slices of meat on a bed of noodles). 

The National Museum is a fantastic place to learn more about Kazakh culture, charting its story from the Stone Age to its time as part of the Soviet Union, from which it declared independence in 1991.

kazakhstan traditional yurt
kazakhstan night landscape

Why we love Kazakhstan

“Kazakhstan holiday packages give you memories to last a lifetime. The architecture of Nur-Sultan is absolutely amazing to look at – and the nation’s scenery is just stunning.”

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