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Lebanon Holidays

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Discover the delights of Lebanon

Lebanon holidays transport you to a world of fascinating ancient culture, stunning beach resorts and incredible mountain vistas.

Experience the bustling capital of Beirut, a coastal city with plenty to keep you occupied. Sample the delicious national dish of kibbeh, immerse yourself in the local art and music scene and visit historic Martyrs’ Square – home to the famed blue mosque.

Discover vast Roman ruins in the ancient complex of Baalbek, site of the largest temple in Roman history – the Temple of Jupiter.

Find sun-kissed beaches and warm waters in the resort towns along the Mediterranean coast, or spend a day exploring Tripoli's medieval Mamluk architecture. 

Take a day trip to Kfardebian – just over an hour from Beirut – where you’ll find Saint Charbel church and its towering statue, hiking trails set against spectacular mountain backdrops and fantastic skiing in the winter.

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Things to do in Lebanon

Whether you’re looking for thrilling outdoor activities, historic sightseeing or a cultural break in the city, holidays in Lebanon offer something for everyone.

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Unlock the best of Beirut 

Built on a rocky headland, Lebanon’s vibrant and cosmopolitan capital is filled with things to see and do.

Begin your discovery of this dynamic city at the National Museum, where you can uncover its long and fascinating history.

Head to the impressive Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, with minarets that reach high into the sky. Martrys’ Square – with its poignant statue at its centre – honours those who perished under Ottoman rule.

Afterwards, explore Beirut’s Roman baths – this ancient archaeological site is wonderfully preserved and provides an intriguing window to the past.

As evening falls, take to the popular Corniche to find excellent dining options along the waterfront. 

Where to stay in Lebanon

Luxurious accommodation by the sea

If you want a luxury holiday in Lebanon, Beirut’s Corniche is the place to go. 

This lively stretch of the capital’s coastline contains plenty of fantastic global dining options, offering everything from Italian to local favourites.

The charming Bayview Hotel has rooms overlooking the city's waterfront and is just moments away from the popular Zaitunay Bay.

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Relax and rejuvenate

Get to know Beirut’s most popular districts with a stay at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel Beirut.

Whether you’re here for the museums or the delightful food and restaurant scene, this stunning hotel provides the perfect base for city exploration. 

Recharge your batteries with a full spa treatment or soak up the views of the bayfront from the outdoor pool terrace, ideal for a romantic holiday in Lebanon. 


Iconic downtown 

The spectacular Raouché Arjaan by Rotana places you in downtown Manara, overlooking famous Pigeon Rock.

This high-rise hotel features modern suites and excellent facilities. 

Elsewhere, the Gefinor Rotana is a five-star marvel at the heart of the city centre and minutes from Beirut’s key landmarks. 

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All you need to know about Lebanon

Local currency 

The currency in Lebanon is the Lebanese pound (LBP). Some larger hotels and restaurants will accept credit cards. 

Public holidays

National holidays in Lebanon include Annunciation (25 March 25), Martyrs’ Day (6 May) and Lebanese Independence Day (22 November). 


Lebanon’s official language is Arabic, but there are several other languages that are widely spoken, including English, Armenian, French and Kurdish.

Getting around

Lebanon is a small country, and it’s relatively easy to get around using taxis, a rental car or on organised tours. There are also buses that run between Beirut and most major towns.

More about Lebanon

Local cuisine

Lebanon’s cuisine is justly renowned even among its Mediterranean neighbours, with a delicious and varied range of delicacies to enjoy.

Eating is an important part of social life, and dishes tend to be family recipes that have been passed on for generations. 

The Lebanese diet is similar to other Mediterranean countries, with plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish and poultry. 

Make sure to try mezze during your Lebanon holiday – a delicious array of small dishes such as hummus, pitta bread, pickled vegetables and skewered meat.

Finish off your meals with a Lebanese baklava, made with pistachio nuts and honey.

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Lebanon is in one of the oldest populated areas on the planet. The cities of Byblos and Beirut have a history stretching back thousands of years.

Ruins of previous civilisations are spread throughout the land, from ancient Egyptian and Phoenician cultures to Crusader churches and remnants from the Ottoman Empire. 

The National Museum of Beirut is the perfect place to learn more about Lebanon's past, with over 100,000 objects on show from prehistoric times right through to the present day. 


Sport is hugely popular in Lebanon, with football and basketball, in particular, being played and followed by millions around the country.

The Lebanese Basketball League is considered to be one of the best leagues in this part of the world. Beirut-based Al Riyadi are its most successful team, with a string of titles to their name.

The ‘Derby of Beirut' that sees them pitted against city rivals Sagasse is the biggest game of the season and worth checking out if you get chance.

lebanon basketball players dunking the ball
lebanon beirut skyline

Why we love Lebanon

“Lebanon has a thrilling culture that is really unique. Whether you’re exploring the markets of Beirut or relaxing on sun-kissed beaches – there really is something for all tastes.” 

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