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China Holidays

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Majestic and magical China

China holidays offer everything from the ancient grandeur of the Great Wall to the vibrant modernity of Shanghai.  

Admire dazzling skyscrapers in neon cities, immerse yourself in the natural wonder and wildlife of the Sichuan Province around Chengdu – and experience world-famous historical palaces in the capital. 

The Middle Kingdom’s true wonders are its size, diversity and sheer wealth of culture, all of which are waiting to be uncovered. Explore more than 900 buildings constructed by the Ming and Qing Dynasties at the astonishing Forbidden City, or hike the Great Wall just outside Beijing.  

Whether you’re looking to experience ancient mountains and villages, stroll through lush forests or feast on Michelin-starred cuisine, holidays to China can be tailored to suit your tastes and needs. 

Browse Etihad’s range of adventures and prepare to lose yourself in one of the most remarkable countries in the world.

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Things to do in China

Holidays in China offer something for everyone, whether you’re a family seeking exciting child-friendly attractions, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a solo traveller seeking the adventure of a lifetime. 

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Discover bold and beautiful Beijing 

Learn more about China’s extraordinary history in its capital, Beijing, which is teeming with heritage sites and cultural landmarks dating back many hundreds of years.  

See where the mighty dynasties of Imperial China lived and worked at the Forbidden City – home to ornate gates, sprawling halls and dazzling collections of traditional art – or head to the ornate Summer Palace on the outskirts for royal grandeur in luscious, waterside surroundings.   

You can also explore the largest national museum in the world, or dig a little deeper into China’s Buddhist heritage at the stunning Temple of Heaven.

Where to stay in China

In the heart of Beijing

If you want to get straight to the centre of the action, and sightseeing is high on your agenda, basing yourself close to the capital’s key attractions is a great way to go.  

The Grand Hyatt Beijing and Peninsula Beijing are both ideally located to explore the Forbidden City, National Museum of China and Tiananmen Square.  

Dine in one of five restaurants at the Hyatt, and enjoy invigorating spa treatments, or make the most of the Peninsula’s own authentic Chinese cuisine and well-equipped fitness centre. 

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Among the skyscrapers of stylish Shanghai

Ideal for luxury China holidays, Shanghai boasts an array of hotels offering style, comfort and convenience in equal measure.  

The city’s iconic skyline and elegant blend of Concession-era architecture, cutting-edge cuisine and luxury shopping malls also make it the perfect place to indulge yourself.  

You’ll discover numerous five-star hotels in Shanghai, including the sensational Jumeirah Himalayas in Pudong. Here you can enjoy Michelin-star food – and rooms that put a contemporary twist on classic feng shui. 

Close to iconic wildlife in Chengdu

If you’re after a memorable destination for family holidays in China, Chengdu in Sichuan Province is a wonderful option.  

The culture in the region alone is worth the journey, with fire-breathing and the Sichuan opera certain to keep children entertained. Most importantly though, Chengdu and the surrounding national parks are home to giant pandas.  

When you’re not out wildlife-spotting, Chengdu Tianfu Sunshine Hotel has its own game room and outdoor pool to help keep kids entertained.

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All you need to know about China

Getting around

Getting around the country is relatively simple thanks to its excellent, efficient public transport systems. The country has a high-speed rail network and modern highways connecting most of its major cities.

Local currency

The official Chinese currency is the renminbi (RMB). It’s commonly referred to internationally as the yuan, which is China’s basic monetary unit.

Languages spoken 

The official language of China is Mandarin, spoken by 70 per cent of the population. There are however nearly 300 other local languages and dialects, with Yue and Xiang being the most common. English is spoken at many hotels and attractions.

Public holidays

National holidays in China include Spring Festival (late January or February), Labour Day (1 May) and National Day (1 October).

More about China


Chinese cuisine is rich, diverse and invigorating. The most popular varieties are typically Cantonese, Sichuan, Shandong and Jiangsu, all of which have their own distinctive flavours and histories.  

From sampling Peking duck in Beijing to lifting the lid on delicious dim sum in the south of the country, you’ll treasure every bite served up in this culinary haven. 

If you’re visiting Shanghai and are interested in high-end dining, dozens of the city’s restaurants now boast Michelin stars – with the likes of Ming Court and Yu Zhi Lan offering innovative takes on Cantonese and Sichuan traditions respectively.  

In Beijing, the food markets are especially amazing places to visit, while Wangfujing Snack Street is home to stalls selling a host of sweet and savoury delights, including rice cakes, tofu, caramel sweets and cooked mutton. 

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Religion and culture

China does not have an official religion, yet its history is closely linked to spiritual and philosophical beliefs which have made a deep and lasting contribution to the country’s culture.  

Confucianism, based on the thoughts and teachings of philosopher Confucius, has made a huge impact on many aspects of Chinese society – with its ideas of justice and social responsibility.  

Buddhism and Taoism have also been hugely influential, with Buddhism currently the most commonly practiced religion in China. You’ll spot many beautiful temples across the country, including the Tibetan-style Lama Temple in Beijing and Jing’an Temple in Shanghai – recognisable for its glorious gold roof.


For enthusiasts of the past, China holiday packages offer an unforgettable gateway to one of the oldest and proudest civilisations on the planet.  

The country’s heritage dates back more than three thousand years to the Shang Dynasty, although its most famous period began centuries later when Imperial China was founded by the Qing Dynasty. 

There are many remnants of this iconic era throughout China, from the Forbidden City in the capital to the Terracotta Army in Shaanxi, which depicts the first Emperor’s warriors.  

The country’s more recent history can also be easily explored, whether you want to learn about the birth of the People’s Republic at the Museum of the Chinese Revolution, or discover 20th and 21st century innovation at Sichuan Science and Technology Museum.

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Why we love China

“There’s nothing better than being able to explore ancient monuments, amazing scenery and wildlife, and stylish contemporary cities – all on the same trip. China’s variety is simply breathtaking. Try and see as much of it as possible.”

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