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Discover life in Amman

Book holidays in Amman and discover a special way of life in the Jordanian capital.

Amman is noted for its historic architecture, with the imposing Citadel that looms above the city having been occupied since the Bronze Age.

This storied past is revealed in the city’s cultural highlights – the Jordan Museum houses part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, while Al-Balad is home to the ancient Roman Theatre.

Along the way, you’ll encounter Amman’s famous hospitality – don’t be surprised if people treat you like a member of the family and give you a warm welcome.

This friendly, history-filled capital makes an ideal base for exploring other parts of Jordan, including the stunning blue waters of the Dead Sea and the ancient city of Petra.

When you book an Amman holiday package, the trip of a lifetime awaits.

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Things to do in Amman

Enjoy Roman ruins, street art, traditional souks, modern malls and authentic coffee houses on Amman holidays. This is a city you will never forget.

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Climb your way to the Citadel 

Perched on the highest hill of Amman is the Citadel, a landmark that has been occupied since the Bronze Age.

Surrounded by a mile-long wall, the former fortress is home to buildings dating from the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods.

There are two sites of particular significance – the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace. Visiting with a licensed guide is a good way of making the most of all the Citadel has to offer. 

Where to stay in Amman

A slice of history 

The most historic part of Amman is the Downtown area, or Al-Balad to the locals.

Home to the ancient Citadel and sprawling Roman Theatre, it’s a great place to base yourself if you want to explore the city’s archaeological wonders.

You’ll find a vibrant streetlife culture here, with stalls selling different types of souvenirs and other goods.

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Join the in-crowd 

The Jabal Amman area is full of trendy cafes and art galleries as well as the famous Rainbow Street.

Cobblestone streets help define this fashionable neighbourhood, popular with young professionals and visitors alike.

The area is home to a good range of large hotels. Stylish boutiques also line the streets, making it perfect for a spot of shopping.  

Great choices

One of the best places to stay in the Jordanian capital is the Amman Rotana. This five-star hotel is near Abdali Mall and has a seasonal outdoor pool, health club and spa services.

Another top-quality option is the Boulevard Arjaan hotel, which is less than a mile from the King Abdullah Mosque. Facilities here include a spa tub and steam room.

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All you need to know about Amman

Local currency 

The currency used in Amman and the rest of the country is the Jordanian dinar (JOD). Be prepared to haggle while you’re out shopping.

Getting around 

Taxis are the most convenient way of navigating Amman’s various neighbourhoods. Yellow cabs can be flagged down in the street and offer reasonable fares.

Languages spoken 

The official language spoken in Amman is Arabic. Visitors will find that English is also widely used, particularly in the main tourist areas.

Cultural considerations 

Take off your shoes if you’re entering a house or a mosque. It’s also courteous to avoid wearing tight or revealing clothes.

More about Amman


Amman is in many ways a relatively young city, having effectively been a humble village until the latter years of the 19th century.

There are, however, ruins within the capital that go as far back as the Bronze Age – most notably the Citadel.

Other historic highlights here include the restored Roman Theatre, which dates to the second century.

The city boomed in the early part of the 20th century after it was chosen as a stop on the Hejaz railway. You can learn more about local history at the Jordan Museum in Amman. 

roman ruins at the citadel in amman jordan
petra amman

Beyond the city

There’s plenty to see and do in Amman, but the rest of Jordan has its fair share of attractions as well.

Located just an hour’s drive from the capital, the Dead Sea is a must-visit. The sea’s high salt content famously allows bathers to simply lie back and relax without sinking.

The ancient city of Petra is around 150 miles (240 kilometres) from Amman – you can get there in just under three hours by road.

Petra has UNESCO World Heritage status and is home to landmarks such as Attuf Ridge and the High Place of Sacrifice.


Most Jordanians are Muslim, with Sunni Islam being the main religion in the country.

Religious sites that should be on your schedule in Amman include the Grand Husseini Mosque and the King Abdullah Mosque, which was built during the 1980s and has room for 7,000 worshippers.

Kahf Al-Raqim, or the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, is another spot with major spiritual significance. It can be found at the village of Al-Raqim, about six miles (10 kilometres) east of the capital.

The country as a whole is home to around 250,000 Jordanian Christians as well as some Syrian and Iraqi Christians.

king husseini mosque lit up in the evening in amman
roman colosseum and yellow skies in amman jordan

Why we love Amman

“Amman is a city where the past meets the present. It’s easy to go from a street filled with boutiques and coffee houses to one that’s home to Roman ruins. You’re also guaranteed the warmest of welcomes from the local people.”

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