Home check-in

Check in for your flight from the comfort of your own home; check in your bags, pick your seat and collect your boarding pass and bag tags. Then when it’s time to fly, you can skip the queues and make your way to the airport hassle-free. Home check-in is powered by MORAFIQ.

Are you an Etihad Guest Gold Tier member or above? If you're flying in Business or First Class from Zayed International Airport, you can enjoy our convenient Home check-in service for free, depending on your chosen Custom Benefits. Log in to your account to view your available benefits.

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How does Home check-in work?

Home check-in is available for all non-transit passengers travelling from Zayed International Airport – whether it’s at the start of your trip or before your flight home. All travelling passengers must be available at the time of home check-in, including infants and children.

Register and book

The first time you book Home check-in, you’ll need to register with MORAFIQ. The easiest way to do this is via the MORAFIQ app, available from the AppStore or Google Play. Available 24 hours, seven days a week, you can book Home check-in anytime up to five hours before your flight. Just let us know when you’d like our check-in agents to arrive.

We’ll collect your bags

Our agents will arrive at your location in Abu Dhabi 24 to five hours before your flight, depending on the time slot you book. They’ll verify your travel documents, check you in for your flight, collect your bags and give the boarding pass and bag tags. You can even select your seat and pay for extra bags if you need to.

Make your way to the airport

With check-in done, you can make your way to Zayed International Airport bag-free. Skip the queues and head straight to your gate.

Collect your bags at your destination

Your bags will be ready and waiting for you when you land at your destination.

Head straight to the gate

With Home check-in, you can avoid the usual check-in queues at the airport and head straight to the gate. Your bags will be collected directly from your home, hotel or office in Abu Dhabi, leaving you to travel to the airport bag-free.

Our agents will weigh your bags at your home before they’re checked in, so if you need to pay for extra baggage – or take anything out of your case – you can simply arrange it there and then. You can even reserve your seat on board to make sure that you sit close to the people you’re travelling with.

Your bags will be kept safe and secure before they’re loaded on the flight, and you’ll be kept up to date with in-app notifications letting you know exactly where your bags are at every step of your journey.

Home check-in packages

With Home check-in, you just pay for the number of bags you’d like to check, regardless of how many guests are travelling. So, decide how many bags you’d like to us to collect – cabin or checked baggage – then select the package that suits you best.

If you go over the ticketed baggage allowance for each guest, you can pay quickly and easily for excess baggage.


Check in up to two bags.

AED 185 (excl. VAT)


Check in up to four bags.

AED 220 (excl. VAT)


Check in up to six bags.

AED 280 (excl. VAT)


Check in up to eight bags.

AED 340 (excl. VAT)


Check in up to ten bags.

AED 400 (excl. VAT) 

Got more than 10 bags?

If you need to check in more than 10 bags, you can simply pay for additional baggage when our agents arrive. Additional bags are charged at AED 35. Only card payments are accepted.

Download the MORAFIQ app

Book Home check-in quickly and easily from your phone with the MORAFIQ app. Available from the AppStore or Google Play.

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Questions about Home check-in?

For more information, please call Morafiq on 800 667 2347 from the UAE or 02 583 3345 from anywhere else.