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Fly to Abu Dhabi with us or onwards to over 60 destinations across Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. And with no testing or quarantine in Abu Dhabi and most of our worldwide destinations, you can really make the most of your trip.

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Why travel to Ahmedabad

  • Gujarat's major city
  • Incredible architecture
  • Centuries-old mosques
  • Ideal for foodies

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Why travel to Bengaluru

  • Cosmopolitan and progressive
  • Quirky cafes
  • Up and coming dining and nightlife scene
  • Best weather November – March

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Why travel to Chennai

  • Flock to ancient temples
  • Break French bread in Pondicherry
  • Carnivals on Marina beach, Steaming hot idlis

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Why travel to Colombo

  • Discover history’s rich tapestry
  • Ride an elephant
  • Eat crabs at Old Dutch Hospital
  • Wander around Pettah

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Why travel to Dhaka

  • Surf ultramarine waters
  • Sip a cuppa in Srimangal
  • Go tiger spotting
  • Ride a mighty river

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Why travel to Hyderabad

  • Row on a lake
  • Gobble up Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Be charmed by Charminar
  • Greet Jungle Beasts at a zoo

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Why travel to Islamabad

  • Capital city of Pakistan
  • Home to Asia's largest mosque
  • Hike up the Margalla Hills
  • Wander through forested valleys

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Why travel to Karachi

  • Wild sandy beaches
  • Explore museums and zoos
  • Affordable sailing
  • Palaces galore

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Why travel to Kochi

  • Get caught up watching fisherman
  • Playful river elephants
  • Walk back into time
  • Take in Kathakali dancing

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Why travel to Kolkata (from March 2023)

  • Enjoy the stunning views from Howrah Bridge
  • Marvel at Victoria Memorial Palace’s architecture

  • Delicious Bengali dishes

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Why travel to Lahore

  • Trance dance’s Sufi origins
  • Hopping food street
  • Flow with an ancient bazaar
  • Have an historical hammam

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Why travel to Male

  • Your own desert island dream
  • Turquoise lagoons
  • Diamond-white sands
  • Secluded island resorts

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Why travel to Mumbai

  • Marvel Mumbai’s traffic
  • Cycle the city at dawn
  • Catch your breath at a park
  • Get lost in ancient temples

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New Delhi

Why travel to New Delhi

  • India’s capital city
  • Steeped in history
  • Colourful and modern
  • A feast for all the senses

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