Important information related to consumer safety

We hereby notify the aircraft registration information and safety accident compensation standards as follows pursuant to the “Important Display Advertising Information” of the Fair Trade Commission.

Etihad Airways Airplane Registration Information (as of June 1, 2017)

Reg. no. Model Date of manufacture
A6-EYD A330-200 Apr. 2005
A6-EYE A330-200 Jul. 2005
A6-EYF A330-200 Jan. 2006
A6-EYG A330-200 Jan. 2006
A6-EYH A330-200 Feb. 2006
A6-EYI A330-200 Mar. 2006
A6-EYJ A330-200 Mar. 2006
A6-EYK A330-200 Oct. 2006
A6-EYL A330-200 Jan. 2007
A6-EYM A330-200 Mar. 2007
A6-EYN A330-200 Apr. 2007
A6-EYO A330-200 Jul. 2007
A6-EYP A330-200 Aug. 2007
A6-EYQ A330-200 Sep. 2007
A6-EYR A330-200 Aug. 2008
A6-EYS A330-200 Jan. 2009
A6-EYT A330-200 Dec. 2013
A6-EYU A330-200 Apr. 2014
A6-EYZ A330-200 Nov. 2006
A6-AFA A330-300 Dec. 2009
A6-AFB A330-300 Dec. 2009
A6-AFC A330-300 Oct. 2010
A6-AFD A330-300 May 2011
A6-AFE A330-300 May 2011
A6-AFF A330-300 Jul. 2011
A6-EHB A340-500 Apr. 2006
A6-EHC A340-500 Aug. 2006
A6-EHD A340-500 Oct. 2006
A6-EHE A340-600 May 2007
A6-EHF A340-600 Jul. 2007
A6-EHH A340-600 Oct. 2007
A6-EHI A340-600 Oct. 2008
A6-EHJ A340-600 Jan. 2009
A6-EHK A340-600 Aug. 2009
A6-EHL A340-600 Sep. 2009
A6-BLA B787-900 Dec. 2014
A6-BLB B787-900 Feb. 2015
A6-BLC B787-900 Jul. 2015
A6-BLD B787-900 May. 2015
A6-BLE B787-900 Jun. 2015
A6-BLF B787-900 Mar. 2016
A6-BLG B787-900 Apr. 2016
A6-BLH B787-900 Jul. 2016
A6-BLI B787-900 Jul. 2016
A6-BLJ B787-900 Sep. 2016
A6-BLK B787-900 Jan. 2017
A6-BLL B787-900 Feb. 2017

To read our safety accident compensation standards, refer to the Etihad Airways Conditions of Carriage.