Lights, Camera, Take off

Since 2003, Katrina has been gracing the cinema screens of India and the world in Bollywood’s biggest motion pictures. 

A former model, Katrina was the first actress to win the Best Actress award from People’s Choice Awards India, and has garnered the admiration of countless fans and critics throughout the years.

Born in Hong Kong and now currently based in Mumbai, Katrina is no stranger to a life of constant travel. She’s a frequent guest on board Etihad Airways flights to her favourite destinations, including Paris, London, New York and Washington, D.C.

Appearing in several high-profile global advertising campaigns for Etihad Airways, Katrina is a familiar face to our guests all over the world. She also features in exclusive content with Etihad on the web, and has often joined us aboard maiden flights to our latest destinations.

Her passion for delivering unforgettable performances inspires us to make sure our guests experience equally memorable hospitality every time they travel with us.

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