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Find paradise in the Philippines

Holidays to the Philippines offer a feast of fun, culture and history. This is a place of astonishing landscapes and paradise islands fringed with white sand beaches and clear blue waters.

Discover Manila’s fascinating past through the 16th-century castle of Fort Santiago and treasure trove of artefacts in the National Museum, before exploring its glittering modern malls, beautiful gardens and renowned Ocean Park.

Dive beneath the surface and find a world of colourful coral and shoaling fish at the island idyll of Cebu, where sweeping nature reserves and marvels such as the Cebu Taoist Temple await.

Extraordinary beaches are a huge part of the Philippines’ appeal, providing breathtaking vistas, glorious seclusion and world-class diving.

With some of the best wildlife spots on the planet and a rich, vibrant culture, there’s plenty to be explored on a holiday to the Philippines.

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Things to do in the Philippines

Lazy days on the beach, world-class diving, volcano treks and cosmopolitan cities filled with rich history – explore it all with a holiday in the Philippines.

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Relax on blissful beaches

From quiet coves to busy beaches lined with spots to dine or have a drink, this stunning nation has it all.

The island of Cebu is an excellent choice, with fabulous family-oriented beaches close to the airport and an expansive centre in Cebu City to explore.

Hermit’s Cove to the west is an especially serene and secluded spot if you’re truly looking to get away from it all, flanked by lush greenery and crystal clear waters.

Where to stay in the Philippines

Bright lights in Manila

Enjoy a city of both modern delights and vintage treasures with an elegant stay in the thriving capital.

Ideal for luxury holidays in the Philippines, the district of Makati is home to a number of high-quality five-star hotels, as well as being close to elegant parks, highly-rated restaurants, and some of the best shopping in the city. 

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lavender flower sirao garden cebu city philippines

Relax and rejuvenate in Cebu

If it’s serene landscapes you’re after – perfect for a romantic break in the Philippines – then Cebu fits the bill.

Sudlon National Park to the west is an area of spectacular beauty. The astonishing Sirao Flower Garden, meanwhile, will dazzle you with its carpets of bright red, yellow and blue flora, not to mention its quirky windmills.

An array of hotels and other accommodation options put you within easy reach of these wonders, as well as the many famous beaches.  

Swim and dive in Batangas

Around a two-hour drive from Manila, the Batangas region is a fantastic choice if you want to combine several days in the city with relaxation on the beach.

Whether you want laid-back seclusion or a full-scale luxury resort, you’ll find it in Batangas. 

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All you need to know about the Philippines

Local currency

The local currency is the Philippine peso. US dollars are sometimes accepted as an alternative payment method. ATMs are widely available.

Languages spoken

The main language is Filipino, though English is the second official language and is widely spoken – especially in tourist areas. There are also numerous regional languages.

Public holidays

National holidays in the Philippines include Chinese New Year (January), the Day of Valour (April) and Independence Day (June). Manila and Davao also mark special city days. 

Getting around

In the cities, taxis or colourful jeepneys (shared taxis) are the best way to get around. A network of ferries connects neighbouring islands.

More about the Philippines


Filipino culture is rich and fascinating – blending the legacy of the Spanish colonial age and Roman Catholicism with ancient national traditions. You’ll also see influences from across Asia here.

The result is a rare and diverse heritage, reflected in the captivating churches and eye-catching temples, not to mention the delicious food, colourful atmosphere and upbeat celebrations.

Festivals are extremely popular in the Philippines, with even small towns having their own events. Filipinos are famously warm and welcoming and are happy to see visitors at any time of the year.

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Before the Spanish arrived in 1521, the Philippines was a peaceful collection of islands populated by various tribes who lived mainly among the beaches and forests.

Spanish colonialism saw the country begin trading with the rest of the world, establishing the Philippines as a major sugar-growing nation, with stone churches, forts and walled towns quickly rising up from the landscape.

Spend some time visiting these amazing structures and understanding more about the history and culture of the Philippines.

The National Museum in Manila charts the history of the country and its people, from prehistoric times to the modern day. 


Looking for a culinary adventure? You’ll be sure to find one in the Philippines.

The country’s rich food culture incorporates influences from both Asia and Europe. Meaning ‘marinade’ in Spanish, adobo is chicken marinated in garlic, soy sauce and vinegar.

Other traditional favourites include sinigang. This stew of fish or meat is served with rice and takes its flavours from a blend of fruit and vegetables such as tamarind, water spinach, aubergine and okra. For breakfast, try taspsilog – cured beef teamed with fried rice and a fried egg.

In the larger cities, particularly the capital Manila, you’ll find an increasing number of fine dining options, with stylish and contemporary restaurants springing up among the skyscrapers.

variety of traditional philippino dishes including a seafood soup
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Why we love the Philippines

“The Philippines is a country of amazing beauty and variety – from the exciting attractions of Manila to the serene beaches of Cebu and Batangas. Diving in the waters here puts you right at the heart of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights.” 

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