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Experience Geneva’s lakeside splendour

Book a holiday to Geneva to tap into a tantalising combination of cultures in a Swiss city that offers lakeside luxury and sophisticated stays. 

Sitting prettily at the southern tip of Lake Geneva, this is a city that puts its best face forward – from its historic cathedral to its quaint neighbourhoods, high-class restaurants, beguiling boutiques and the attractions in its museums and galleries. 

Esteemed organisations such as the Red Cross, UN and CERN make their home here – and you can tour the latter two for yourself to understand Geneva’s key role in global peacekeeping and scientific research. 

For sheer relaxation, head out on a boat trip across the magnificent lake and journey from one picturesque island to the next as you take in stunning views of the Alps. 

Take a look at our Geneva holiday packages and start planning your Swiss adventure.

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Things to do in Geneva

With impressive architecture, fascinating neighbourhoods and some of the best shopping districts and restaurants in Europe, Geneva holidays are an experience to be treasured. 

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See the star attraction

Lake Geneva offers a tranquil retreat for visitors and locals alike. Take a boat trip to nearby islands or choose a relaxing cruise on a paddle steamer to savour breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains stretching across the horizon. 

Enjoy a freshwater dip if you're visiting during summer or go out for a water skiing session for a holiday experience to treasure. Close by you’ll find trails for biking and hiking, lakeside concerts, retreats and camp and plenty of restaurants with serene lake views.

Where to stay in Geneva

Get close to the action 

Hotels along the Rue du Marché and Rue du Rhône are perfect if you’re looking to stay close to the action during your time in Geneva. 

You'll find dozens of acclaimed restaurants and cafes right on your doorstep, while trams and buses connect you to the rest of the city and beyond, making this a perfect base.

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A family retreat in the city

Resting on the quiet side of the lake, Eaux-Vives is a cosy neighbourhood with hotels and holiday apartments that are ideal for family holidays in Geneva. 

With plenty of green spaces to explore and no shortage of family-friendly restaurants, this laid-back little quarter is a great place to return to after a fun-packed day among the busier tourist districts.

Romantic holiday stays

If you’re looking for a location that’s perfect for a romantic Geneva holiday, consider a stay in the city’s Plainpalais neighbourhood. 

This quirky area is home to many artists and students, creating a distinctly bohemian vibe that provides an intriguing contrast to the exclusive restaurants and designer stores of downtown Geneva. Check out the local markets selling fresh farm produce and vintage goods. 

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All you need to know about Geneva 


The official language of Geneva is French. Switzerland’s other national languages are German, Italian and Romansh. English is also widely spoken across Geneva, especially in hotels.


Geneva Airport is located two-and-a-half miles (four kilometres) from the city centre. Trains run between the airport and the city several times an hour, while taxis are also available.

Public transport

Geneva has excellent public transport infrastructure. Buses, trams and trains connect throughout the city and travellers will find the services are reliable, punctual and safe.

Local currency

The Swiss Franc (CHF) is the national currency and is accepted throughout Geneva. Some restaurants and bars in the city will also take euros.

More about Geneva

Local cuisine

Swiss cuisine is a diverse – and delicious – blend of French, Italian and German influences. Expect to find plenty of pasta and pizza restaurants, as well as street stalls selling German classics such as schnitzel and foot-long bratwurst hot dogs. 

Creamy cheese fondues are a national favourite, while meat lovers will enjoy zürcher geschnetzeltes, thin strips of veal cooked in a delicious white wine sauce with onions and mushrooms. The fried-cheese ball malakoff is an addictive speciality, while you can’t go home without sampling some Swiss chocolate.

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Alongside the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva has a great selection of museums that are well worth exploring. The Ariana Museum brings the city’s extensive collections of ceramics and glass together under one roof. 

The MEG (Musee d'ethnographie de Geneve) showcases artefacts from around the world – everything from musical instruments to national costumes. At the Patek Philippe Museum you can explore five centuries of history at the home of Geneva’s acclaimed master watchmaker.


Locals are rightly proud of Geneva’s beauty, culture and heritage. The city’s good looks are being preserved by a range of green initiatives to protect it for future generations, while its culture is displayed and explored in an array of must-visit attractions. 

You can also visit the offices of the United Nations and see the part played by Geneva in spreading peace, prosperity and opportunity across the globe. Explore part of Geneva’s religious history at the handsome Gothic cathedral, where John Calvin used to preach. 

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Why we love Geneva

“Geneva is a very special place. There’s the gorgeous lake, great restaurants and beautiful buildings everywhere you look. You’ll also find rich history and fascinating museums here.” 

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