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Jordan Holidays

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Discover mystical Jordan

Jordan holidays transport you to a nation of ancient history and inviting culture. Follow in the footsteps of the countless travellers who have made their way to this Middle Eastern gem, from Nabatean tradesmen to Roman armies.

Amman, the country’s capital, is a great place to start. Buzzing with energy, its mosques, museums and magnificent Citadel will quickly win your heart.

You can also discover Petra, the city of stone. Here, vast buildings hewn from the rockface surround visitors as they get a flavour of how life was lived thousands of years ago.

Special experiences abound in this country, from floating in the salt waters of the Dead Sea to immersing yourself in Bedouin ways at a traditional yurt camp.

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Things to do in Jordan

Explore a magical land visited by ancient travellers and discover the influences and architecture they left behind with one of Etihad’s Jordan packages.

Dead sea

Float in the Dead Sea 

No trip to Jordan is complete without a visit to the Dead Sea.

Located just an hour’s drive from Amman, the shores of this natural wonder are some 1,360 feet (415 metres) below sea level.

The sea’s high salt content makes it almost impossible to swim in its crystal blue waters – but famously it also allows bathers to simply lie back and relax without sinking.

Many people combine a visit here with a relaxing mud bath or spa treatment.

Where to stay in Jordan

See the capital 

Middle Eastern culture can be found on every corner of Amman, with stunning mosques, quaint coffee houses and enticing souks all just waiting to be explored during holidays in Jordan.

Experience the country’s modern side by visiting the very best restaurants, shopping malls and art galleries.

The Amman Rotana and the Boulevard Arjaan are both good hotel options here.

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Take to the sea 

If crystal clear waters are more your thing, make your way to Jordan’s only coastal city, Aqaba.

Explore colourful souks, shop for souvenirs and get lost among the alleyways.

Pull on your flippers and snorkel in the beautiful blue sea or enjoy a beach barbecue packed with seafood delicacies.

Aqaba lies in the south of Jordan and is a three-and-a-half hour drive from Amman.


Discover ancient history 

The ancient city of Petra is a must for history and archaeology lovers alike.

Petra has UNESCO World Heritage status and is home to many age-old wonders. Camping is prohibited inside the site.

Petra is around 150 miles (240 kilometres) from Amman and visitors based in the capital can make the journey there by car in about two hours and 45 minutes.

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All you need to know about Jordan

Local currency 

The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian dinar. Haggling is part of the country’s way of life, so expect some good-natured bargaining over prices.

Getting around

Hiring a car is perhaps the handiest way of discovering Jordan, especially if you're travelling in the King’s Highway or Dead Sea areas. 

Languages spoken

Arabic is the official language of Jordan. Visitors will find that English is spoken by many people while French is also widely used.

Public holidays

Dates to bear in mind when you’re planning your holiday to Jordan include May 1 (Labour Day), May 25 (Independence Day) and June 10 (Army Day).

More about Jordan

Local cuisine

Jordan is a destination full of delights for food fans. Much-loved Middle Eastern dishes here include mansaf, a traditional Bedouin treat made with rice, yoghurt and meat.

Dine on grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat – known as warak enab – or try one of Jordan’s famous falafels.

Makloubeh, a dish made with chicken, rice, vegetables and spices, is also featured on many menus.

Take a break from exploring and refresh with a deliciously sweet cup of Bedouin tea or one of the fruit juices that you will find being sold along local roadsides. 

colourful traditional cuisine in jordan
the interior of an arabian tent in jordan


Jordan is a rich melting pot of cultures. Arabic and Islamic influences are easy to discern, but life here has also been shaped in part by visitors from the western world.

The country has a much-admired artistic heritage, with George Aleef and Muhanna Al-Dura among the many renowned painters of the modern era.

Music and dance are also great sources of national pride. Jordanians are extremely polite and courteous, and holidaymakers should return the compliment by adhering to local customs.

In particular, show respect at all times when visiting places of worship.


Most Jordanians are Muslim, with Sunni Islam being the main religion in the country.

Religious sites that should be on your itinerary in Amman include the Grand Husseini Mosque and the King Abdullah Mosque, which was built during the 1980s and has space inside for 7,000 worshippers.

Kahf Al-Raqim, or the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, is another place with great religious significance and it can be found about six miles (10 kilometres) east of the capital.

The country is also home to around 250,000 Jordanian Christians as well as some Syrian and Iraqi Christians.

white king husseins mosque in amman jordan
starry black sky and mountains at the wadi rum desert in jordan

Why we love Jordan

“Jordan is one of the Middle East’s best tourist destinations. A hike in the desert or an exploration of the souks is a must. There's always someone willing to invite you in with a pot of tea to share and a tale to tell.”

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