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View or make changes to your flight, pick your seat or book extra baggage. You may incur a fee to cancel or change your flight, subject to the conditions of your ticket. Read our Modification guide to understand more.

Get ready for your trip

Here are some useful tips to help make sure your trip gets off to a flying start. 

  • Check the latest travel requirements and advice and find out what documents you need for your trip
  • Find out about visa and passport regulations at your destination 
  • Read our baggage guidelines to check your allowance and what’s permitted in your bags
  • Visit to request extras, assistance or special meals – you’ll find all your flight details here too
  • Check in online when it opens 30 hours before your flight
  • Remove all bag tags and stickers that may have been left on your bag from previous trips
Priority access
Priority access

Skip the queues with Priority Access

Fast track through the airport with Priority Access. Skip the queues with dedicated check-in counters and priority boarding, and save time when you land too – your bags will be first on the baggage belt so you can simply grab and go.

Priority Access costs US $40 worldwide.

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Abu Dhabi city check-in

Save time and enjoy a hassle-free airport experience by checking in at Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal or Yas Mall (The Fountains)! Fast-track immigration checks or upgrade your booking. You can also benefit from free parking at both locations.

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Before you fly

Check in

Online check-in opens 30 hours before your flight.    

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Stretch out

Book an Extra legroom seat for more space to stretch out.

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Pick your seat 

Prefer a window seat close to the front? Reserve it now.      

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Take more bags

Save more when you book excess baggage online.

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