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Americas Holidays

United States of America

America offers travellers some of the most exciting attractions in the world. This vast country has everything from unspoilt natural beauty to cities with majestic skylines. Soak up the vibrancy, shopping and nightlife of the bustling cities of the east, savour the easy pace and soul food of the charming south or enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the sunny west coast.


The ten provinces and three territories of Canada, the second biggest country in the world, stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific and north to the Arctic Ocean, with six time zones and a vast diversity of landscapes. Vast prairies, tranquil lakes and mountain peaks vie with the lure of cosmopolitan North American cities famous for their ambience and cultural events, including film, jazz or wine festivals.


From lush rainforests and centuries-old historical sites to bustling, ultra-modern cities, Brazil offers a splendid array of natural and cultural attractions. The largest country in Latin America, this sprawling region is home to a vibrant culture, best embodies by the world famous Carnival, a lively series of festivities taking place in February.


  • New York

    One of the most exciting and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Distinctive yellow taxis, vibrant Times Square, buzzing Fifth Avenue, lush Central Park and invigorating night life all await you in the Big Apple.
  • Toronto

    Sophisticated and cosmopolitan with a European flavour, Toronto is Canada's largest city and its wealthiest.
  • Sao Paulo

    With its towering skyscrapers and thriving art scene, Sao Paulo is a truly modern city. From museums and art galleries to bustling shopping and entertainment districts, the city has a lot to offer.

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