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Europe Holidays


Italy has something to delight all the senses including exquisite food, outstanding art, incredible architecture, beautiful countryside and warm, friendly people.


Russia is the largest country in the world, so large that it crosses no fewer than 11 time zones, has over 100 different languages in active use, with the Far East region alone being roughly the size of Europe. To describe Russia as diverse is an understatement.


Greece is one of the most amazing and beautiful countries in the world. This is a land resplendent with history and mythical gods where, legend has it, magical beasts once roamed. Little wonder that this popular holiday destination combines traditional tranquility with fantastic vibrancy.


  • Milan

    Milan is the capital of style, and is where big fashion houses made their reputation. World-class museums and art galleries can be found next to avant guarde theatres in this beautiful city.
  • Moscow

    Moscow has now become the billionaire capital of the world, famous for boutiques, nightclubs, and iconic sites that define this great capital.
  • Athens

    Named after a goddess and considered the birthplace of European civilisation, Athens is a beautiful city of historical attractions and culture that is filled with fine restaurants and beautiful architecture.

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