Inflight amenity kits

Our luxury amenity kits combine convenience with elegance to create something you’ll use – and treasure – time and again. Available in the Residence and First Class on all flights and in Business and Economy Class on long and ultra-long haul flights.

More than just an accessory

Our revamped amenity kits are thoughtful expressions of lifestyle, wellbeing, and sustainability. Each kit has been purposefully designed to elevate your journey with Etihad Airways and provide value beyond the confines of the aircraft cabin.

Take them home and seamlessly incorporate them into your everyday life. Love them, use them, and reuse them.

Economy Class: Contemporary convenience

On Economy flights over six hours, a stylish tote bag, which conveniently folds into a pocket, welcomes you to your seat and becomes your companion for shopping or daily activities. With three collectable versions reflecting Etihad’s iconic aircraft liveries, beautiful Beekman 1802 hand cream, ear plugs and eyeshade, our tote bag collection bridges the gap between functionality and luxury.

Sophistication meets sustainability

Our new collection of revolutionary and re-usable amenity kits goes beyond elegance and functionality; it reflects our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint without compromising on the exceptional quality you expect from Etihad Airways.

The collectable tote bags in Economy Class are crafted from recycled plastic and have been thoughtfully designed to hold everything without the need for individual packaging.

Browse the collection

Check out our new Economy Class tote bags.

Business Class: Tailored elegance

In Business Class, collectible, co-branded amenity kits designed by Giorgio Armani come in two unisex styles – a cube and clutch.

Iconic cube bags

Inspired by the traditional Emirati wind tower, Barajeel, and forts, the iconic cube bag makes for easy packing and organisation in your suitcase or even drawers at home.

“The Dunes” clutch

“The Dunes” design draws inspiration from the rolling sands of Abu Dhabi’s Liwa desert. Available in a range of colours, it promises to add a touch of sophistication to your trip.

Business Class loungewear

On ultra-long-haul flights, get comfortable with luxuriously soft slippers and loungewear inspired by the traditional Emirati garb, featuring the iconic V stitching of the UAE.

The Residence and First Class: Unparalleled sophistication

In The Residence and First Class, we present one of the largest and most sophisticated amenity kits in the industry, available in a range of colours.

A first-class folio

Designed in collaboration with Giorgio Armani, the folio features all in-flight essentials plus luxurious ESPA hand cream, rest and recover balm, facial mist, lip treatment and pulse point oil.

A must-have for all travellers

A coveted accessory for all stylish travellers, the folio is large enough to accommodate a laptop, taking you effortlessly from boarding to the boardroom after your flight.

Luxury sleepwear and slippers

Our specially designed Giorgio Armani sleepwear and super soft slippers mean you can recreate the same luxurious comfort on board as you’d expect at home.

Luxury loungewear

Browse our new collection of luxury loungewear available in The Residence and First Class.

Sumptuous skincare on board or at home

With guest wellbeing in mind, Etihad has partnered with aromatherapy and wellness pioneers ESPA to provide luxury skincare products in our premium cabin washrooms and our amenity kits in The Residence, First and Business Class.

ESPA essentials

Leveraging three decades of expertise, ESPA crafts immersive wellness experiences designed to foster holistic wellbeing. This marks ESPA's inaugural partnership with an airline, signalling a pioneering venture into the realm of natural skincare at altitude.

Rejuvenate with a nourishing lip treatment, hydrating spa facial mist and hand and body lotion in Business Class, plus rest and recover balm and pulse point oil in The Residence and First Class.

The majority of our carbon footprint comes from Scope 1 - fuel burn from our aircraft. This accounts for an average of 96-97% of our overall emissions. Waste, water and ground energy (such as facility use) account for an average 1% and 2.5% of our Scope 2 and 3 emissions respectively. To learn more about aviation's impact on the environment, how performance is measured and more of Etihad's strategy for Sustainability, click here.  

Disclaimer: Purchasing or engaging with Etihad's products will not make Etihad's operations more sustainable nor reduce the direct environmental impact of your flight. Etihad provides this information to travellers who wish to be informed of the various actions Etihad has taken in product and service development, but customers should be aware that this does not make traveling on Etihad Airways a more sustainable option over our competitors. The initiatives we undertake as an airline in our Sustainability strategy are shared mitigation options available to all airlines, and where Etihad is supporting the development of specific solutions, we are commited to making our research and findings available for the entire industry.