Checked bags

We've streamlined our baggage policy with simplified weight allowances across all fare types. If you booked your ticket before 16 April 2024, the baggage allowance on your booking confirmation still applies. To check your baggage allowance, enter your flight details at

Your baggage allowance depends on your route, ticket type and Etihad Guest Tier Status. Different rules may also apply if you're travelling on a partner airline. If you've already booked your flight, you can also see your baggage allowance at

Remember to remove all bag tags and stickers that may have been left on your bag from previous trips.

Pack more, pay less: Up to 65% off extra baggage 

It’s important that you check your baggage allowance carefully before you go, because if you need to pack a bit more, it’s cheaper to add extra baggage online before you arrive at the airport. 

Save up to 65% when you buy extra baggage online at or when you book your flight. Only available up to 30 hours before the first Etihad Airways flight in your booking.

Overweight bags

The maximum weight per bag is 32kg. If your allowance is more than 32kg, please make sure items are distributed evenly across bags. 

Oversized baggage

You'll be charged an oversized baggage fee of USD $100 for items larger than our standard baggage dimensions. They must not weigh more than 32kg or be longer than 300cm. Some sports equipment is exempt. 

What to pack in your checked bag

Checked bag only

  • Knives, sharp objects or cutting implements of any kind
  • Blunt instruments
  • Inflatable items (must be deflated)
  • Cremated remains
  • Certain sports equipment
  • Liquids (including Zamzam water), aerosols and gels over 100ml

Not permitted in your checked bag

  • Items with a lithium battery, like spare batteries, electronic cigarettes and power banks
  • Electronic cigarettes, refills and e-liquids 
  • Guns, weapons (including toy weapons) and explosives with prior approval
  • Other prohibited items or dangerous goods

Useful information

Fragile items

If you’re carrying fragile items in your checked bag, let us know so we can affix a fragile sticker. Alternatively, you can purchase a full fare seat for your item if it weighs less than 75kg. Please note we are not liable for any damage.

To book, get in touch

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Dangerous goods and prohibited items

Some items, including sports equipment, can only be carried as checked or cabin baggage with prior approval from Etihad Security Operations. Submit a request at least seven days before your flight to

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Self-service bag drop

Check in online then drop your bags at one of our self-service bag drops in Abu Dhabi and be on your way in minutes. temp

Located in Terminal A, row D, our self-service bag drops are simple, smart and fast to use. The automated bag drop allows you to weigh and tag your bags and collect your boarding pass – all in just a few minutes.