What is our promise?

The Etihad Airways Best Price Promise is our way of guaranteeing that you won’t find a lower price on any third-party website for the same Etihad booking you have paid for on www.etihadairways.com. And if you do, we’ll refund you the difference.

A claim can be made in the event the Etihad price on a third-party website – inclusive of all taxes, fees and surcharges – is lower than what you paid on etihad.com by more than 20 USD. The third-party website from where a fare is being compared must allow you to pay for the booking in the same currency. Price comparison is applicable if all the below elements are exactly the same between both websites:

        • Origin and departure cities
        • Date of travel
        • Class of travel
        • Number of passengers
        • Fare Rules

So whenever you see our Best Price Promise symbol, you can rest assured that you’re paying the lowest available price online for that flight. Terms & Conditions apply.

How do I make a claim?

  • You can make a claim for a price difference refund by filling the online form available on www.etihad.com on the same day of purchase no later than midnight of the country of departure. Such online claims can be submitted only from the countries where we offer the Best Price Promise.
  • You will need to provide the third-party web address where you found the lower price and a screen shot or print out of the final confirmation page of a booking prior to payment showing the total price inclusive of all taxes, fees and surcharges.

Talep formu


Talepte bulunmak için  bu online formu doldurun ve ödemeyi yaptığınız tarihte uçağın kalktığı ülke saatine göre gece yarısına kadar  gönderin .

Lütfen daha düşük bir fiyat bulduğunuz üçüncü taraf web sitesinin adresini ve ödeme yapılmadan önce rezervasyona ait nihai onay sayfasının ekran görüntüsü veya basılı çıktısını (tüm vergiler, harçlar ve hizmet bedelleri dahil toplam fiyatı göstermelidir) ibraz edin.

Yolcu bilgileri

Lütfen ilk yolcu bilgilerini girin

Seyahat programı

Lütfen tüm uçuş rezervasyon bilgilerini girin

Fiyat karşılaştırma bilgileri

Daha ucuz fiyatı gördüğünüz web sitesi hakkında lütfen bilgi veriniz

Fiyat teklifinin verildiği saat (ss-dd)
Web sitesinde verilen daha ucuz fiyat teklifi tutarı * (e.g. AED 100)
Fiyat farkı * (e.g. AED 100)

(örn. web sitesi ekran görüntüleri)

Hüküm ve koşullar

 Gizlilik Politikası *

Terms and Conditions

When the Best Price Promise is applicable

• Our Best Price Promise applies to all flights exclusively operated by Etihad Airways (not codeshare flights), paid for by credit card on www.etihadairways.com or any of our country site editions where there is a Best Price Promise symbol. These shall be called “Purchased Etihad Price” from here on.
• Our Best Price Promise includes both one way and return flights.

Which prices you can compare against

• You can compare your Purchased Etihad Price with the Etihad prices on any third-party website offering exactly the same itinerary – flights, dates, cabin class, number of passengers and fare rules.  These shall be called “the Third Party Price” from here on.
• This Third Party Price must be available to book and purchase online in the same currency as the Purchased Etihad Price and include all taxes, fees, surcharges and charges applied to the Purchased Etihad Price.

When the Best Price Promise is not applicable

• When the flight booking includes codeshare flights. These are flights either marketed by another carrier on Etihad Airways or sold by Etihad Airways on another carrier.
• When the Third Party Price is being offered outside the public domain or is a special eligibility fare, such as (and not limited to) staff prices, closed user offers, third-party promotion prices, corporate discount prices, senior, affiliate, opaque agencies, consolidator, visit family and relatives prices, wholesale and group prices.
• When the Purchased Etihad Price or Third Party Price has been discounted by using loyalty programme miles or points, coupons or any other offers or discounts.
• When the Purchased Etihad Price or Third Party Price makes up part of a travel package in which the flights are included.
• When you have made a request for a refund or cancellation for any part of your itinerary or have subsequently made any amendments to the Purchased Etihad Price.
• When the Third Party Price is the result of a pricing or inventory caching error made by the third party website.
• When the country of departure for the Purchased Etihad Price is not offering our Best Price Promise.

Claiming a Best Price Promise refund

• Claims can only be made by completing the online claim form and submitting your supporting documentation (as detailed below). 
• Supporting documentation consists of the website address where the Third Party Price was found,  a screen shot or print out of the final confirmation page prior to payment showing the Third Party Price inclusive of all taxes, fees and surcharges. Etihad will then independently determine the legitimacy of the claim before granting any refund.
• All fully completed claim forms must be submitted by midnight of the same day that the Purchased Etihad Price was bought based on the time zone of the departure country. Incomplete or late claims will not be accepted.

Verifying your Best Price Promise claim

• We must be able to verify that the Third Party Price you have found is lower by 15 USD than the Purchased Etihad Price and that a lower price did not exist on etihadairways.com.
• We will verify that the Third Party Price meets all the criteria set out in these terms and conditions and you will be notified of your claim’s qualification or not via email within 5 working days of your claim form submission.
• Etihad’s decision on the legitimacy of your claim will be final and binding. We will not engage in any correspondence thereafter.

Refunding you

• Upon notification of your qualification for a refund, we will aim to refund you the monetary difference between the Third Party Price and the Purchased Etihad Price within 30 calendar days. 
• Your refund will be credited to the credit card that you used for the Purchased Etihad Price booking.
• If you cancel (partial or whole) a flight booking on which we have already made a Best Price Promise refund, we will refund you the original amount you paid for the ticket, minus the Best Price Promise refund and the original applicable cancellation fees.
• This refund will be governed by any terms and conditions applicable in the country of departure for your Purchased Etihad Price ticket.

Etihad Airways Rights

• Etihad Airways is the final authority on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.
• We reserve the right to cancel this promotion or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.