Inspired service, fine food

We’ve taken the best of hospitality from our Arabian home onto our flights, to give you an inspiring dining experience. That means the finest ingredients and a great choice of meals, served your way.

Ways to request your special meals before you fly

  • When booking online, after you have selected your flight/s, enter passenger name and click the plus button (+) to access meal request.
  • When booking through a travel agent, directly request your preferred meal from your travel agent.
  • After booking your flight online or with the contact centre, go to Manage my Booking and modify the Passenger Details page.

    Meals should be requested at least 24 hours prior to departure. We cannot guarantee delivery of your meal if ordered less than 24 hours.
Inspired service

Inspired service

Dining is an inspiring experience in our First and Business Class.

  • Dine as you like, when you like. Choose from an extensive á la carte range or our ‘Anytime Kitchen’ menu.

  • Relish the flavour and freshness of the finest ingredients that go into the creation of our dishes, all prepared by our award-winning chefs.

  • Savour our boutique wines , hand-picked from the world’s best vineyards.

  • Your personal chef and Food and Beverage Manager, our  onboard fine dining expert, will help you find the right dish to suit your mood and the perfect accompaniment  for your meal.
Our culinary experts

Our culinary experts

Meet our culinary experts: Our on-board chef and Food and Beverage Managers.

  • Recruited from some of the most reputed fine dining restaurants around the world, they share your passion for the finer things in life.

  • Good food, fine wines and the way to get the best of both – they have an informed opinion on everything that makes for a good meal.
  • As our boutique wines come from vineyards around the world, our Food & Beverage Managers undergo extensive training at these vineyards. 
  • Our Food & Beverage Managers also spend time with our panel of chefs to learn - and even assist in - the creation of our menus.

Finer tastes

Fine wines

Fine wines

Our selection of fine wines offers the perfect accompaniment for your meal; whatever you choose to dine on, you will find a wine that enhances the flavour and enriches the experience.

  • Enjoy a complimentary bar service, whichever cabin you choose to fly in.
  • Choose from an extensive selection of fine wines, selected from some of the best vineyards in the world.
  • Our ‘boutique’ wines are chosen from smaller vineyards, not mass produced; the passion that goes into their making adds that special flavour to our wines.
  • Our Food & Beverage Managers can help you choose the right wine to pair with your meal.
Fine food

Thought for food

We put a lot of thought into what we serve you on board. Be it our selection of menus, the way we serve it or the cutlery we choose.

  • We believe that the finer details make all the difference, and you will instantly notice how this philosophy guides everything we do.
  • The freshest and the finest ingredients go into the making of our dishes, ensuring the impeccable quality of our food and beverages. We offer a wide choice of meals so that you always find something that’s just right for your mood and your palate.
  • Whichever cabin you fly in, you will find that our portions are always generous.

Lounge and on board dining

Special requests

Special requests

Dining on board an Etihad flight is meant to be a unique experience for every guest. Whatever your taste, preference or special requirements, we endeavour to offer memorable mealtimes.

  • All meals served on Etihad are halal, prepared in strict compliance to halal requirements.
  • We have an extensive list of special meals meant for guests with dietary restrictions. Simply place your request at the time of booking or at least 24 hours prior to departure - If SPML is not ordered within 24hrs Etihad cannot guarantee delivery.
Special Meals
Lounge dining

Lounge dining

Our lounges in Abu Dhabi International Airport recreate the same dining experience that you are used to when flying in our First and Business Class.

  • Choose from a wide spread of delectable cuisines, freshly prepared with the finest ingredients and served in a five-star ambience.
  • Choose from an extensive selection of fine wines, selected from some of the best vineyards in the world.
  • Both lounges offer the unique tastes of our boutique wines, specially handpicked by our sommeliers from some of the best vineyards in the world.