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Group traveling is a party of 10 or more (excluding infants) traveling together on the same outbound and inbound flights and dates. Have a great start to your group movement by booking with the best airline. Have a stress free experience as we have for you a dedicated team to assist you with your group booking. 

Group traveling can be for a vacation with family or friends or with colleagues for a conference, it can be a movement of students on an educational trip or a sporting group. Whatever type of group large or small, you can be assured that Etihad Airways group team has the experience to solve your queries and understands your needs.

Contact us

Contact us

To book any type of group whether large or small, you may contact any of the nearest Etihad office.

에티하드 홀리데이즈 샵

저희 사무실을 방문하시면 저희가 고객님께 꼭 맞는 휴가 상품을 고르도록 도와 드립니다. 저희의 안락한 판매 공간에서 휴식을 취하시고 최신 디지털 기술을 이용하여 고객님께 꼭 맞는 휴가 상품을 찾으십시오.


알와다(Al Wahda) 몰: 돔 카페(Dome Café) 옆 1 층 (전화: 02-4437389).
칼리디야(Khalidiyah) 몰: 룰루(Lulu) 출입구 옆 1 층 (전화: 02-6354955).
아부다비 마리나(Marina) 몰: 카리부 커피숍(Caribou Coffee Shop) 옆 1 층 – 새 연결 번호 (전화: 02-6819258).
마디나 자이드(Madinat Zayed) 사무실: 모로 로드(Morror road). 에티하드 타워, 수크 마디나 자이드(Souk Madinat Zayed) 맞은 편 (전화: 02-6321500).
에티하드 플라자 소매점: 에티하드 플라자, 칼리파시(Khalifah city) A (전화: 02-5111966).

두바이에서 알아인에서
두바이 마리나(Marina) 몰: 프로머나드(Promenade)  층, 바와디(Bawadi) 몰: 1 층,
홀마크( Hallmark) 옆 (전화: 04-3997956) 까르푸(Carrefour) 출입구 # 3 (전화: 03-7840228)

Terms and conditions

Payment conditions

  • Booking can be confirmed by paying 20% deposit and full payment is required at least four weeks before your departure date.
  • Names can advise 2 weeks prior to your departure date. Name change is permitted before ticketing free of cost and after ticketing at a charge of USD100.
  • If full payment is not made by the time limit or names or not advised till the deadline, then Etihad Airways reserves the right to cancel the booking.

Date Change policy

  • 20% of the group size is allowed to make one outbound and inbound change. Before ticketing free of charge (FOC) and after ticketing at a charge of USD100.
  • In case of no show a charge of USD50 will be applied.

Refund policy

  • Please note all deposits and payments are non- refundable.
  • Cancellation is allowed up to 20% of the group size at a charge of USDIIJEI per ticket as long as 10 guests have traveled as a group.